Pomegranate Is the Not-So-Secret Ingredient in These Unique Recipes



You’ve likely never thought of incorporating pomegranate into your savory recipes, but the addition of these tart, sweet seeds could be just what you need to add a bit of excitement to your meals. Here are a few great recipes that use pomegranate as the not-so-secret ingredient. Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Pomegranate and Hazelnuts [foodnetwork.com] […]

The 5 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed



Like preparing bread only to realize halfway through that you're out of yeast, nothing derails a cooking session faster than an inadequate arsenal of cooking tools. In many cases, a tool's importance is only realized when you reach for it and it's not there, so be sure to equip your kitchen before you start that […]

How to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen



Between family, friends, work, and errands, there's often little time left in the day for cooking a wholesome, healthy meal. Whether you're cooking for one or preparing a feast for your entire extended family, these time-saving cooking tips can help you stretch those seconds in the kitchen. 1) Keep your cabinets well-stocked. Before you make […]

Three Great Salad Recipe Websites



You might know how to prepare a basic Greek salad or a classic Caesar salad, but what about one with fried garbanzo beans? Have you ever thought of adding quinoa to your salad? If your salads need a bit of updating, these creative recipe websites can help. Oprah.com Oprah’s wonderful website is packed full of […]

5 Appetizing Apple Crisp Recipes



From the cold winter months to hot summer days, apple crisp is a sweet, rustic treat that makes a perfect dessert any time of the year. The sweet apples and gooey cinnamon sauce complement the crunchy crust, and apple crisp tastes even more wonderful when topped with cold vanilla ice cream. There are a number […]

These Recipes Make It Easy to Cook Gourmet Meals for Two



Looking for recipes perfect for two people? Sourced from the stylish web magazine The Kitchn, these three dishes look—and taste!—like they took all day to prepare, when, in fact, they're quite simple. Thai Red Curry Mussels Fit for a Friday night of lounging in front of the TV, this recipe swaps utensils for pieces of […]

How to Find Find Farmers’ Markets Near You



If you strive to include local, organic produce in your diet, this post is for you! The following two websites make it easy to track down farmers' markets near you, so you can continue to stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory [USDA] Listing more than […]

Five Brunch Recipes to Try This Weekend



If you’re planning a mid-day brunch for friends or family this weekend, these creative recipes might give you a bit of inspiration. Just add some fresh-squeezed orange juice, a pot of hot coffee and maybe a basket of pastries to complete the perfect brunch menu. Chicken Breakfast Burritos Full of protein and deliciously savory flavor, […]

Great Websites for Unique Sandwich Recipes



You use a recipe for pastas, soups and cakes, but you probably wouldn’t think of looking up a recipe for a sandwich. These helpful websites feature sandwich recipes that are much more elaborate than your usual grilled cheese, and you’ll certainly notice the difference in taste. Food Network The Food Network is home to some […]

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