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Seafair Weekend!!

August 1, 2015 12:44 pm

With the beautiful weather Washington has been having lately, it looks like we are gearing up to have one of the most exciting Seafair weekends ever!! For those that have never heard of Seafair, it is one of Washington state's premier events, which features hydroplane races, food and game booths, and our very own Blue Angel flying squad who will be performing amazing acrobatic stunts over the famous I-90 to Seattle bridge itself! The event will be running THIS weekend, and you can find all of the information, including ticket details, here: www.seafair.com

The Blue Angels alone are reason enough to not miss out on Seafair, as the roar of their engines while they dive low overheard is something everyone should experience once, however the hydroplane races regularly attract thousands as well, with their nail biting speed and pulse-pounding, neck-to-neck finishes!

If you check out the fair this weekend, we'd love to hear your experiences or see your pictures from the event in the comments below, and who knows, we may even see you there!!

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Uses for a French Press — Beyond Coffee!

July 29, 2015 4:02 pm

Many people are jumping in on the French press trend because it makes barista-quality coffee quickly and easily right at home. If you own a French press, however, you might be surprised to find that you can use it for much more than just brewing your morning cup of joe. Here are a few unique uses for your French press.

  • Making tea. This one may be fairly obvious, but many people don’t realize that they can also use a French press for tea. Simply fill the bottom with tea bags or loose leaf tea, then brew as usual.
  • Frothing milk. If you consider frothed milk a luxury of the coffee shop, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you can froth your own milk by simply adding it to the French press and pumping it up and down a few times.
  • As a strainer. Use your French press to strain just about anything, even pesky quinoa that usually slips through the cracks. Just add things like spinach, fresh fruit, or even shrimp and dispense the water. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the press afterward!
  • Infusing oils. Mix herbs and spices with olive oil and heat the mixture in a saucepan over medium heat. Allow the mixture to cool, then transfer it to the French press and strain out the herbs.

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Use Your French Press to Make Whipped Cream [LifeHacker]

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The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits: Casual Dining at Its Finest

July 22, 2015 4:37 pm

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits has become a popular place to enjoy wood-fired pizza. In addition to this delicious gourmet fare, The Rock offers an array of items sure to please diners of every taste. Hand tossed, wood fired pizza is topped by the freshest ingredients available. These include chicken, Italian meatballs, pepperoni, hot sausage, as well as a host of fresh veggies like peppers, onions, spinach, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, and so much more.

While the pizza is unbeatable, The Rock’s other dishes are just as sumptuous. Flame broiled burgers feature juicy patties cooked to perfection, and toppings include an array of goodies, such as blue cheese, pepper bacon, and even beer battered fries. There is also a good selection of pastas, from creamy red sauce preparations to Cajun inspired hot dishes, as well as calzones, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits
830 North 10th Street
Renton, WA 98055
(425) 255-0334

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